We are passionate about solving problems with rigorous science and translational medicine.
Connecta’s goal is only possible through teamwork and collaboration.


Jordi Fàbrega

Co-Founder, CEO and Board Member

Jordi Fàbrega has held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry and has several years’ consultancy experience in the Pharma and Med Tech sectors. As a consultant he was responsible for the execution and development of over 100 projects. Prior to joining Connecta, Jordi was Director of Business Development at Biocat. He was responsible for the definition and progress of the cluster initiatives to develop and promote the life science sector in Catalonia. He has broad experience in strategy, business development, marketing, market access and regulatory. Jordi holds a BS in Pharmacy and a BS in Food Science and Technology, an MSc in Pharmaceutical and Parapharmaceutical Industries and an MBA from the ESADE Business School.

Josep Prous Jr.

Co-Founder, CSO and Board Member

Josep Prous Jr. is Vice President of R&D at Prous Institute for Biomedical Research and Executive Director of Bioinfogate, where he is responsible for the design and implementation of in silico drug discovery and safety technologies. He was previously Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Healthcare and Science business of Thomson Reuters, following the acquisition of his former company Prous Science by Thomson Scientific. He has longstanding experience in establishing fruitful collaborations with biomedical research organizations. Josep holds a BS in Chemistry and an MBA from the ESADE Business School. He completed his Ph.D. doctoral thesis, spearheading a medicinal chemistry project for the discovery of new drugs for Alzheimer's disease.

Sara Secall

Sara Secall

Board Member / INVEREADY Operating Partner & Life Sciences Investment Director

Sara Secall is responsible for building the Biotech Portfolio in Inveready. Sara has an extensive international career investing in technology. She was involved in investing and exiting several Venture Capital investments while working for Chevron Technology Ventures, the corporate venture capital group based in California with USD 210 MM under management. Prior to joining Inveready, as Director of Spin Outs for the University of Barcelona, she was involved in starting and financing over 25 technology startups and negotiated numerous technology licenses, mainly in the biotechnology sector. She has worked extensively in the USA, Latin America and Europe. Sara holds a BS in Chemistry, MSc in Environmental Sciences from Indiana University and an MBA from the London Business School.


Dr. Randi Hagerman

Dr. Randi Hagerman

Clinical Advisor / Medical Director, UC Davis MIND Institute, San Francisco (US). Distinguished Professor, Endowed Chair in Fragile X Research.

Dr. Hagerman is internationally recognized as both a clinician and researcher in the fragile X field. She has carried out multiple targeted treatment trials in FXS and autism including a controlled trial of Arbaclofen, minocycline, ganaxolone, mGluR5 antagonists developed by Roche and by Novartis, and sertraline.


Dr. Mara Dierssen

Research Advisor / Group Leader at the Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona

The Dierssen lab is centered on understanding cognition and behavior and their how they are perturbed in intellectual disability. Her lab uses this knowledge to discover new therapeutic targets. Dr. Dierssen has published more than 150 papers, with an h-index of 43 and major research papers in the upper 10% impact factor journals on her field, in international peer reviewed journals and 20 book chapters.



Marta Pascual

R&D Project Manager

Marta Pascual-Gilabert has longstanding experience in the chemical and biopharmaceutical sectors, where she has held several positions in medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, scientific direction and project management, and has project mentored in R&D Masters in Science. As principal investigator, she was responsible for leading over 100 projects in several therapeutic areas. Marta’s experience in drug discovery encompasses drug design, design of chemical, biocatalytic and chemoenzymatic routes of synthesis, process development and optimization, patentability assessment, intellectual property protection, and the like. Marta holds a BS in Chemistry, an MSc in Organic Chemistry, a Postgraduate degree in Regulatory Affairs and is completing her Ph.D. doctoral thesis in the development of novel therapeutic approaches for the neuromuscular rare disease, myotonic dystrophy type 1.

Irene Domingo

Support to administrative and scientific direction

Irene Domingo studied Biology at the University of Barcelona and is currently taking a Master’s degree in Management of Biotech Companies at CESIF to improve her knowledge of the structure, function and management of companies in the field. Her final degree project was carried out with a research group from IMIM, studying muscle wasting and cachexia in chronic respiratory diseases and lung cancer. With the knowledge she acquired in 2020 in the pharmaceutical industry, she is ready to use her skills to help with the creation and development of Connecta Therapeutics.